Treatment for Hyperpigmentation

Make sunscreen a non-negotiable step in your skincare regime.

Sun exposure not only causes hyperpigmentation, but it can also worsen it; without UV & UVB protection, just a few minutes in the sun can darken skin discolouration and make the problem harder to treat. Although you can treat the appearance of dark spots on the skin from sun exposure, prevention is key.



Exfoliating can help to diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation. When you exfoliate, you’re removing dirt and debris from the surface layer of skin—and that includes any discoloured skin cells on the outer layers. Exfoliation will also allow any other products you’re using to treat your hyperpigmentation to be absorbed deeper into the skin, increasing efficacy—and delivering better results.


Lighten and brighten

Look for skincare products that will a) lighten dark spots, and b) brighten your overall complexion. Ingredients to incorporate into your skincare regimen with brightening benefits include Vitamin C, Niacinamide, Retinol; Pyruvic and Citric acids.


Your Regular Skincare Regime

Step 1. Cleanse day & night with our Revitalising Foaming Cleanser.

Gentle but effective. Our SLS-free Revitalising Foaming Cleanser removes traces of oil, makeup and bacteria, and is suitable for all skin types. We recommend a double-cleanse in the evening as your skin has had the entire day to become clogged up with pollution, makeup, dust, oil and bacteria.

Your first cleanse (pre-cleanse) removes this daily build up and isn’t enough to clean your pores thoroughly as this needs to be removed from your skin first. Your second cleanse deep cleans your pores and ensures you are left with that clean, fresh feeling. This in-turn ensures your following serums can be absorbed into your skin for maximum impact.


Step 2. Use the AestheticsRx  Vitamin C Serum 23% daily.

Vitamin C is a key ingredient in helping to brighten and prevent build-up melanin, which leads to pigmentation. Our Vitamin C Serum contains a strong antioxidant complex of 23% Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Ferulic Acid and Kakadu Plum Extract (natural Vitamin C).


Step 3. Follow with the AestheticsRx Ultimate Serum

Give tired, dull, pigmentated and ageing skin a boost with this daily serum formulated with Niacinamide, Salicylic Acid, and Botanical Extracts. Utilising the exfoliating benefits of Niacinamide, it encourages an increase in cell renewal to reduce the appearance of fine lines, correct dark spots & pigmentation and enhance overall radiance. Possibly the best serum for hyperpigmentation.


Step 4.  SPF, SPF, SPF!

The AestheticsRx SPF30 Sunscreen is a zinc-only formula that offers your face protection from environmental & UV stressors without leaving a sticky residue that might’ve put you off physical sunscreens in the past.



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