Dark Circles

Skin Concern: Dark Circles

Dark circles under the eyes occur when small blood vessels beneath your eyes become enlarged and visible below the very fine skin tissue around the eye contour. Dark Circles can also be caused by various factors, including poor microcirculation around the eye area, genetics, allergies, fatigue, medical conditions and more. Aesthetics Rx offers a range of topical treatments for dark circles that target the cause at a cellular level.


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    Vital Eye Cream

  • There are a number of Aesthetics Rx skincare treatments available to improve the appearance of dark circles. These treatments can be used as part of your cosmeceutical skincare regime to improve the appearance of dark circles and work synergistically to provide extraordinary results.

    Vital Eye Cream – The Ultimate Eye Cream for Dark Circles

    Vital Eye Cream is the ultimate eye cream for dark circles. Containing a range of cosmeceutical ingredients, some produced with biotechnology, plus peptides, Hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin C. These active ingredients work synergistically to drain degraded haemoglobin and excess fluid and reduce oxidative stress on the fragile skin tissue to replenish moisture-protective function in prematurely aged skin.

    Bright & Tight Trio

    Bright & Tight Trio by Aesthetics Rx combines three products designed to provide the best results for treating dark circles. The Bright & Tight Trio includes the Anti Ageing Regeneration Formula, Vital Eye Cream and the A Serum, our three powerful best-sellers that restore the appearance of a glowing, radiant and youthful-looking complexion.

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