Skincare for Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterised by an overproduction of sebum from the sebaceous glands located in the pores. This can cause the skin to appear shiny, greasy, and leads to the appearance of enlarged pores. Oily skin is more susceptible to acne breakouts due to excess sebum that can lead to clogged pores.  It is important to use skincare products specifically tailored for this skin type if you have oily skin.

The best skincare products for oily skin will help control excess sebum production, minimise the appearance of enlarged pores, and reduce the incidence of breakouts. Aesthetics Rx offers a variety of skincare products for oily skin that can help you achieve a clear and healthy complexion.


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  • 24HR Reset- SerumsView Product

    24HR Reset- Serums

  • A Serum Retinol RestorativeView Product

    A Serum

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    A Serum 1%

  • Anti Ageing Regeneration FormulaView Product

    Anti-Ageing Regeneration Formula

  • B Serum Hydrate & VolumiseView Product

    B Serum

  • Bio Fermended ScrubView Product

    Bio Fermented Triple Action Scrub

  • C Serum Radiant FirmingView Product

    C Serum 23%

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    Cleanse & Exfoliate Best Seller Set

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    Face & Body Sunscreen SPF50

  • Aesthetics Rx Fruit Enzyme MaskView Product

    Fruit Enzyme Mask

  • Revitalising Foaming CleanserView Product

    Revitalising Foaming Cleanser

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    Set to Glow Kit

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    Revitalising Foaming Cleanser – Cleansers for Oily Skin

    A good face cleanser for oily skin will help to remove excess oil, dirt, and makeup from the skin. It is vital to choose a cleanser that is non-comedogenic and won’t clog pores. The Revitalising Foaming Cleanser by Aesthetics Rx is a gentle cleanser that will remove impurities from the skin without stripping it of its natural oils.

    Ultimate Serum – Best Serum for Oily Skin

    The Ultimate Serum by Aesthetics Rx is a daily serum suitable for all skin types, especiallyoily skin. This serum contains a combination of active ingredients such as Niacinamide, Salicylic acid, and botanical extracts that help control sebum production, reduce the appearance of pores, and prevent breakouts. Salicylic acid is the best ingredient to reduce congestion that is most often associated with oily skin.

    Tinted Water-Resistant Sunscreen with Zinc SPF50+

    Finding a suitable sunscreen for oily skin can be a challenge.  Many sunscreens can cause the skin to appear greasy and can aggravate breakouts. The Tinted Water-Resistant Sunscreen with Zinc SPF50+ by Aesthetics Rx is a mineral-based, oil-free tinted sunscreen that provides broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays. This sunscreen also contains Zinc oxide, an ingredient that helps control sebum production. The universal tint is designed to suit every skin tone with a subtle sun kissed glow.

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