Bamboo Precision Pads

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Efficient makeup, cleanser, exfoliant and mask removal in fragile and difficult to reach areas in a single swoop with no skin irritation and zero-bathroom waste.


We love them because

Sometimes its tricky to get into the delicate and more difficult to reach areas of the eye contour, corners of the nose and mouth for perfect makeup and product removal. Bamboo Precision Pads are gentle, efficient and environmentally friendly.


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With zero-bathroom waste in mind, super soft Bamboo Precision Pads are designed to reach delicate areas of the face including the eye contour and corners of the nose and mouth, making cotton pads and Q-tips a thing of the unsustainable past. Cleverly designed to slip over your fingers for easy glide and control in difficult areas, there’s no rubbing, scrubbing or pulling on fragile skin, just swift and gentle removal of makeup, cleansers, exfoliants and masks. In a pack of seven, there’s a fresh pad to use every day of the week for hygiene and safety.


  • Zero bathroom waste
  • Removes cleansers, exfoliants and masks efficiently from difficult to reach areas
  • Hygienic
  • Gentle on delicate areas

Simply cleanse your face as usual with your favourite Aesthetics Rx cleanser, then wet your Bamboo Precision Pads with warm water and gently wipe away the first cleanse along with pollution, impurities, and makeup. Double cleanse and wipe again for perfectly balanced, fresh skin. The pads may be used following facial scrubs and masks, making light work of the product removal process in more difficult areas including the eye contour, corners of the nose and mouth.


Caring for your Bamboo Precision Pads

There are seven pads in a pack so that you have a fresh pad each day of the week. Once a week wash your pads in the washing machine being careful not to use fabric softener as this would unnecessarily coat the fibres making them less effective. Allow to dry naturally. Wash on a cold or delicate cycle with similar colours.

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