Tinted Water-Resistant Sunscreen with Zinc SPF50+

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Mineral-based broad-spectrum SPF50+ sunscreen that leaves your skin with a sheer, sun-kissed radiance to shield the skin against damaging UVA & UVB light rays.

Key  benefits
  •  Zinc oxide, mineral-based 
  • Physical sunscreen
  •  2-hours water-resistant
  •  No chemical absorbers 
  •  No Artificial fragrances
  •  Suitable for sensitive skin, including children over 6 months 

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Suitable skin types:

Combination/Oily, Mature, Normal, Sensitive

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A tinted SPF50+  sunscreen with a sheer, natural , sun-kissed radiance to shield the skin against damaging UVA & UVB light rays. It assists in preventing premature skin ageing associated with sun exposure, and has a universal tint suitable for all skin tones. With a water resistant, non-greasy matte finish this product is the perfect high protection sunscreen for outdoor activity including swimming and exercise.


Key  benefits
  •   Zinc oxide, mineral-based
  •   Water-Resistant
  •   Physical sunscreen
  •   SPF50+ broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  •   Reef safe
  •   Vegan formula & Certified Cruelty-free
  •   Suitable for sensitive skin, including children over 6 months of age
  •   No chemical absorbers
  •   No Artificial fragrances
  •   Paraben-free
  •   PABA free
  •   Nanoparticle free


Suitable skin types:  Combination/Oily, Mature, Normal, Sensitive
Shake tube before use. Apply to the face and neck 20 minutes before sun exposure. Blend carefully into the hairline, over the ears and down the neck. Reapply every 2 hours, and after swimming, heavy exercise and towel drying. Even when protected by this product, avoid prolonged sun exposure, and always wear protective clothing, hat and eyewear when exposed to the sun. Consult a doctor for use on babies under 6 months of age.


Safety Keep out of reach of children Store below 30˚C
Zinc Oxide: Protects your skin from UVA & UVB rays 

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