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Combination Skin - Skin Concern | Aesthetics Rx

How to Care for Combination Skin

Skincare products themselves can cause combination skin. Products with irritating ingredients can encourage sebum production in some areas (such as the T-zone) and dry out other parts of the face at the same time. A cream that is too rich can make your skin feel oily and block your pores. This makes it important to use products that are suitable for the different skin types on your face. Sometimes it is better to use different products on the different areas of your face. For example, you might choose light gels, liquids or sebum-absorbing products for the T-zone and lotions or creams for the drier areas.


Your Regular Skincare Regime

Step 1. Revitalising Foaming Cleanser

A Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) free cleanser won’t irritate the dry areas of your skin and is extremely effective in removing make up, oil and other impurities from your t-zone to unclog pores and reduce the shine. The high concentration of Aloe Vera juice in this cleanser helps prevent moisture loss in the drier areas where the barrier function of the skin may be less functional, because there is less lipid content to protect the skins surface.


Step 2. Ultimate Serum

Follow with our Ultimate Serum at night to exfoliate dead skin cells to prevent congestion. Apply on your t-zone (oily areas) in order to remove excess sebum production and reduce skin shine.


Step 3. Daily Moisturiser Combination

We have formulated a moisturiser specifically for combination skin to help reduce inflammation and pore size, leaving your skin shine free throughout the day. Our Daily Moisturiser Combination is light, contains strong antioxidants to restore your skins discomfort and includes effective active ingredients including Witch Hazel Extract to refine pores and mattify the oilier areas and Tocopherol (Vitamin E) to sooth and protect the drier areas. Use morning and night after you apply your serums.


Step 4. Anti-Ageing Regeneration Formula

Our Anti-Ageing Regeneration Formula is a cream packed with high-tech and plant-based actives to replenish and hydrate your skin at night. This rich formula includes numerous active ingredients to assist with combination skin and is a perfect night cream to use in conjunction with your Daily Moisturiser Combination to hydrate your dry zones and reduce pore size on your oily zones while you sleep.

We Recommend With

Your AM Aesthetics Rx Routine to combat blackheads and reduce pore size.

Step 1: Start by double cleansing with the Revitalising Foaming Cleanser to balance oil and keep you feeling fresh and well hydrated throughout the day
Step 2: Post cleanse, apply 1 pump of C Serum to protect your skin from free-radicals and repair damage.
Step 3: Keep your skin matte, clear and hydrated with the Daily Moisturiser Combination.

Reminder: It’s important to always complete your daytime regimes with an SPF.

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A giveaway to celebrate International Women's Day. ♥

Today we celebrate all the strong, incredible and talented women in our lives and to do so we’re giving you the chance to give back to one of those important women in your life (we all have them!)

Here’s how to do it:
- Tag your entrant and tell us why you love them so
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You’ll go in the draw to win 1 of 2 of our all-new Fruit Enzyme Masks for your entrant.

Winner to be announced 15.03.2021.

“Here’s to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.” - source unknown. ♥️

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HIT has the hack on multi-masking. Multi-masking is the use of different cosmeceutical masks for different parts of your skin. Basically deliberately using specific ingredients within face masks to target and improve imperfections in different areas… all at the same time! For oily and combination areas, reach for our Fruit Enzyme Mask, it’s much like a skin smoothie.

So, if you weren’t already multi-masking, now’s the time. Hit the 🔗 in bio to read more.

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TUNE IN: @theroject x Aesthetics Rx

Nicola Kropach, our GM sat down with The Roject a no B.S. beauty & lifestyle podcast by skinfluencer Roj. They talked all things from how to treat pore size, why and how to use retinol + they caught up on all the buzz about the Aesthetics Rx Fruit Enzyme Mask!

Podcast is out NOW! To tune in, head to the 🔗 in bio.

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Hydration lives here. Our Revitalising Foaming Cleanser works hard to remove dirt and oil trapped under the skin, whilst still leaving you fresh and hydrated.

Plus it’s packed with Aloe vera juice and a combination of other great actives for further nourishing goodness.

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Julie adores the way our Vital Eye Cream leaves the delicate skin around her eyes looking youthful and bright.

This eye treatment contains three key ingredients to motivate blood flow and recharge moisture. It also works to reduce puffiness resulting in a firmer, brighter appearance.

Tap to shop on Adore Beauty via the link in bio.

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At Aesthetics Rx, we often get asked about layering serums for best results. Understanding when to use, and how to use your daily serums can be tricky as some pair well together but others should never be considered at match (as they can counteract and neutralise one another)

To help make power pairing easy, we’ve put together exclusive power duo kits and how to layer them for best results.

In the AM, your skin is most susceptible to free radical and UV damage, so we recommend beginning with our Vitamin C Serum 23% for it’s corrective and protective properties. Followed by our B Serum; when layered on top of each other 2 become 1, in a skin brightening, anti inflammatory and replenishing treatment.

In the PM, we recommend using Vitamin A Serum or Vitamin A Serum 1% on alternating evenings with Ultimate Serum. If your skin is already healthy it is possible to use the Ultimate Serum after a Vitamin A Serum. We suggest using both of these serums at night as they don’t interact well with UV light.
It is also important to note, if your skin is not used to these serums it is best to introduce them into your routine gradually to build up a tolerance.

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Manifest your radiance with Aesthetics Rx. Aesthetics Rx is a cosmeceutical skincare range of hand-crafted, advanced formulations made in a boutique environment.

At Aesthetics Rx, we use revolutionary anti-ageing ingredients made in limited batches for the highest potency, freshness and stability. We’re also Australian-made, cruelty free and 100% vegan.

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Want a brighter, firmer and more even-looking complexion? Meet the Aesthetics Rx revolutionary C Serum 23%.

Packed with a powerful antioxidant complex of L-Ascorbic and Ferulic acids to fight signs of ageing and reveal a radiant glow. Our C Serum 23% is boosted by  natural Vitamin C from the plant kingdoms richest source (Kakadu Plum) and also contains Hyaluronic Acid to retain moisture within the skin. ✨

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@mandylikes_ loves the way our Vitamin B Serum absorbs super quick whilst leaving her skin feeling plump and juicy. 🍑

Packed with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Panthenol (Vitamin B5) + Hyaluronic Acid + Sodium PCA, this serum will provide you with your daily dose of hydration, skin-support and antioxidant protection. There’s a reason it’s our best-seller.

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A serious self-care situation courtesy of @ninarolleston ✨

Nina’s favourite Aesthetics Rx product is the all-new Fruit Enzyme Mask. Using a combination of proteolytic fruit enzymes and powerful botanical extracts, this mask will softly erase dead & dull skin cells and minimise the appearance of fine lines.

The go-to solution for instant radiance.

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Let’s talk about the most sought-after (and tried, and tested, and loved) anti-ageing ingredient - Retinol.

Known for it’s wrinkle reducing super-powers Retinol also works by:
- Regulating and normalising oily skin, and keeps pores from clogging
- Preventing collagen breakdown and boosting collagen and elastin production
- Speeding up skin cell turnover that slows down ageing and helps fade spots and scarring

It is important to note that it can take 12+ weeks before you may see a physical improvement from Retinol (however, just know it’s doing it’s thing in the background.. be patient!)

You’ll find Retinol in our A Serum and A Serum 1%.

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Tried and tested to give you that morning glow. Your daily dose of hydration, support and antioxidant protection starts with the Aesthetics Rx multi-action power couple - AM Power Duo.

- B Serum: The ultimate skin hydrator, this quick-absorbing hydrating serum fights dehydration to help plump skin, minimise lines, and boost radiance.
- C Serum 23%: A revolutionary Vitamin C serum packed with a powerful antioxidant complex of L-Ascorbic and Ferulic acids to reveal a brighter, firmer, and more even-looking complexion.

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“Every skin can benefit from Niacinamide since it is one of the vitamins required for healthy skin repair function.” - Nicola Kropach (Aesthetics Rx GM)

Nicola sat down with @TheLatch to talk about Niacinamide and why it is so popular in skincare. Nicola answers the need-to-know questions such as; the benefits, is it good for acne and why you should be looking for niacinamide when purchasing skincare.

To read MORE head to the link in bio.
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“This Set To Glow kit is giving me the juicy, plump skin of my dreams.” - @centaine_mclean ✨

Our limited edition Set To Glow Kit is a complete skincare routine in one voguish style box. A kit designed to nourish, protect, hydrate and soothe your skin.

So what’s inside?
- B Serum (30ml)
- Revitalising Foaming Cleanser (30ml)
- Daily Moisturiser Hydrating (30ml)
- A Serum (15ml)

You too can achieve the plump skin of your dreams. Tap to shop.
Hurry only while stocks last.
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Acne sufferers, we hear you (and are here for you) 👇

Meet The Ultimate Acne Starter Kit by Aesthetics Rx. This three-step kit (with a FREE 15ml B Serum) has been put together specifically for those who are blemish prone or have congested skin types.

This collection works hard to clear debris and bacteria from the pores and soothe breakouts.

The Kit includes:
Ultimate Serum 30ml
Revitalising Foaming Cleanser 125ml
Daily Moisturiser Combination 50ml
B Serum 15ml (FREE)

Free shipping + Afterpay available
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Grapefruit, Rosemary, Fennel, Rose Geranium and Spearmint - the 5 essential oils used in our Daily Moisturiser - Combination.

Essential Oils elevate skincare products with their vast-array of healing and skin-supporting benefits.

📸 @lishyglows
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