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Receive a FREE A Serum 30ml when you spend $150 or more. Use code FREEGIFT at checkout.  Offer ends 09/05/21.

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Our Technology

Dual Pulsed Light

The dual pulsed light (DPL) system incorporates dual mode HR & SHR to increase the treatment speed and client safety as well as allowing the DPL to be used for treatment of darker skin types.

Dual filters ensure you have more of the appropriate wavelengths (colours) to optimise treatment results with increased safety.

Dual lamps with EED in the 15A system provide Even Energy Distribution over the full surface of the treatment spot. Additionally the reduction of stress on the lamps extend the flash-lamp life dramatically.

Dual connectors allow for quick access to both treatment handpiece sizes.

Dual system cooling ensures the DPL will be able to keep up with demands of the busiest clinics.

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Our Technology

Swift Hair Removal

The Swift HR Diode Laser with both SHR and HR treatment modes, is specifically designed for rapid laser hair reduction.

With the SHR (Swift Hair Removal) operating at up to 10 pulses per second and a treatment window size of 20 x 10mm, the Swift HR represents one of the fastest laser hair reduction treatment platforms on the market.

Being Australian designed and using high quality Diode arrays manufactured in Germany, as well as the addition of an internal compressor chiller, the Swift HR delivers reliability that meets the needs of even the busiest clinics.

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Our Technology

Xen LED Phototherapy

The Xen LED Phototherapy system utilises 3rd generation LED technology to combine 410nm, 633nm and 830nm on one panel while keeping treatment intensities that outperforms all rivals.

New “Chip on Board” (COB) LED technology allows the Xen LED to pack 10500 diodes into one 5 panel array.

With 3500 diodes per colour on the Xen LED array, the system can delivery the energy dosage faster so the treatment times can be dramatically reduced.

Equipped with the Optimised Flat Distribution (OFD) Technology, energy will be distributed evenly on to the targeted area.

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Our Technology

Software Solutions

Shortcuts is a complete management software system, designed to help you work smarter across every aspect of your business. With a stylish appointment book, integrated point of sale, visual treatment records, and automated marketing Shortcuts will help you effortlessly grow your business.

Shortcuts is the leading global standard in smart salon technology, working with over 14,000 clients worldwide. Their solutions are tailored to suit the needs of clients – from large franchised chains through to single site businesses in the hair, beauty, spa, clinic, school and walkin industries.

Constantly updating their product to meet the changing needs of the market, Shortcuts software is supported by the largest research and development team in the industry.

Shortcuts technologies are currently used in 45 countries around the world and is designed to create a smarter business environment that suits you.

Want to find out more about how Shortcuts can help make running your business easy? We’d love to help! Please fill out the form below, and we’ll be in touch soon.

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