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Our Story

The confidence that comes from healthy skin

We believe everyone deserves the confidence that comes from healthy skin. We understand the importance of a radiant, glowing complexion, and we are committed to helping you achieve it.

We develop high-performance cosmeceutical grade skincare with a focus on strengthening the skin barrier for protection, and we support and empower our customers through easy-to-understand, no-nonsense education; tailored regimes to address skin priorities; and exceptional customer care.

Aesthetics Rx is founded in science, developed by a well-known Australian skincare expert and her team of cosmetic chemists, and it’s proven by our customers’ results. Our skincare is owned and produced right here in Australia; it is a vegan, science-led system, responsible for creating, effective formulations, where our mission is to deliver healthy skin.

Our Formulation & Ingredient Charter

Our sophisticated formulations contain clinically-proven actives, at the therapeutic threshold. Visit our ingredient library here. This means that our cosmeceutical grade skincare is capable of achieving immediate results and lasting change, because we use the right ingredients at the prescribed doses. That’s where our name comes in: Aesthetics Rx. The Rx references prescriptive skincare. 

Our ingredient charter, which you can see here ensures that at the very heart of our formulations, lies an ingredient option we are obsessed by, called Biotechnology. We are committed to developing advanced scientific formulas and our mantra has always been vegan and cruelty free, but what you might not know about us, is that we’ve been choosing ingredients from biotechnology in our formulations since our inception in 2014, and we are continuing to expand down that same path for the future. It’s just one small contribution that we can make to sustainability when we make more conscious choices about where our raw ingredients come from. On our planet, there is always going to be a limit to the resources available to us for consumption in the beauty industry, so when we make our skincare, we ensure it is produced from renewable resources where we possibly can.

Our Ingrediens


Biotech ingredients are made in a lab by scientists who use living, naturally derived substances to recreate them or produce very similar raw ingredients. In this way the land, water and resources that would normally be required in farming is significantly reduced to almost zero! Usually through a fermentation process, chemists cause cells from plants, microbes or yeasts to multiply and grow, creating ingredients bio-identical to those found in nature. Bio-tech Palm oil alternatives are just one example, some others are Hyaluronic acid, peptides, squalane, ceramides, and fermented polysaccharides. Even some essential oils can be created with biotechnology where species of fungi have been used to produced oils with similar scents and functions to essential oils such as rose. To produce 1kg of rose essential oil around 4 tonnes of rose petals is required! Biotechnology is a valuable mechanism in preserving natural resources and reducing costs of farming them.

Biotechnology also produces consistently high-quality ingredients. In nature the quality, colour and scent of a plant is affected by climate, season, soil, and so many variables that it is difficult to maintain 100% consistency of the raw ingredient each time it is harvested. Have you ever noticed that sometimes your favourite cream looks a slightly different colour to the last time you purchased it? That can be attributed to the disadvantages of variations that occur in nature. This doesn’t happen with biotechnology. Using biotech ingredients means it looks, feels and smells consistent each and every time, and most importantly the quality and efficacy of the ingredient is maintained and incredibly, can even be improved on what nature originally intended. Don’t be put off by the science, remember, biotech ingredients are made from living, natural ingredients, they are different to synthetic, artificial ingredients. Ingredients derived through biotechnology guarantee absolute consistency in quality and concentration, whilst ensuring skin safety, efficacy and importantly, sustainability from a renewable resource. As more biotech derived skincare ingredients become available, our vision is to include them in our formulations. 

What we value


We operate with compassion in all that we do; our products are vegan, we never test on animals, our formulations are kind even to sensitive skin. We care for our people and our customers, so they feel beautiful inside and out.


We are always transparent and do things in the correct way, operating with ethical standards all of the time.

Knowledge & Education

We are passionate about learning and empowering others with knowledge.

Meet our Brand Director:

Nicola Kropach

Nicola is a renown Australian skincare expert and our very own version of ingredient and formulation “ChatGPT”!

She is the brains behind many of the skincare brands you already know and love in Australia, where she has taken a quiet behind the scenes role as consultant product developer, general manager and go to market specialist. Her journey in skincare started some 20 years ago where she worked as an International trainer, directly under the guidance of the founder of one of the largest multi-national French skincare brands globally, whilst living in France and London. Responsible for the importation and local market success stories of many European and USA made brands, Nicola is an expert in understanding what makes exceptional skincare. In her role as Brand Director and Product Development Specialist at Aesthetics Rx, Nicola developed our brand from a tiny start up to what is today: an international brand on the tipping point of mega brand status! In addition to our retail line that you can see on our website, Nicola has created a complete series of professional-use-only cosmeceutical treatments, which are delivered at a growing number of aesthetic clinics across Australia and New Zealand (over 142 today). Nicola is a qualified MBA and has a Graduate Diploma in Business. But business isn’t the only thing she’s passionate about; she is also a qualified Vinyasa yoga teacher and has studied nutrition and wellness at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (New York). She believes beauty is an "inside job" that starts with clean eating, clean living, daily movement, a clear mind and above all, a kind heart.

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