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Unbelievably soft on the skin, the addition of a Skin Chamois to your cleansing routine ensures that you can remove every last skerrick of makeup, without the risk of pulling or tugging at your delicate complexion. With a slippery, yet gripping surface to pull away surface impurities, the Skin Chamois also dries hard, so you have the peace of mind that parts of the cloth aren’t remaining damp – a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria.

How do I use the Aesthetics Rx Skin Chamois?

Apply your cleanser (a gel or foaming cleanser works best, including the Aesthetics Rx Revitalising Foaming Cleanser) to a damp face, massaging over the face. Wet your Aesthetics Rx Skin Chamois thoroughly, squeeze out the excess and smooth over the face to remove your cleanser.

Rinse thoroughly with fresh water, and allow to dry – preferably over a towel rack or similar to allow airflow.

Customer Reviews

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Glides over the skin

This skin chamois is amazing, I used it for the first time tonight with the AHA Cleanser, hard to describe how well it wiped over the skin, so gentle yet very effective. It just glides across the skin but visibly removed grime without scrubbing. Going to grab one for my daughter in law. Also highly recommend the AHA cleanser, it was sent as a sample with the chamois, really lovely product.

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