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4 Simple Steps to Spring Cleaning your Skincare Routine

As winter gives way to spring, it is time to consider spring cleaning your skincare routine

There are lots of environmental factors that are changing with the season and can have an effect on our skin. A few simple changes can make a big impact. For example, consider opting for an exfoliating cleanser. Higher temperatures and increased humidity mean more sweat and oil, and opting for a face wash that also exfoliates is one easy way to keep pores clear and breakouts at bay.


Here is our guide to spring cleaning your skincare routine:

1. Look for out of date products:

We’re all guilty of using cosmetics past their expiration. In fact, many skin care users aren’t even aware of how long their cosmetics should last them.  At Aesthetics Rx we list what is known as “the period after opening” (PAO) on all our secondary packaging. This PAO is shown with an icon of an open jar on all our boxes. The best way to manage this, is to record the date you open your products for the first time. You should then be sure to use your product up before the number of months shown with the open jar icon. If you’re not sure when you opened something, there are signs to look for when the product may have reached it’s PAO date: the smell is slightly off, changed colour or oxidisation,  a film or unusual texture or the oils can separate. Our products usually have a PAO of 6-12 months. Unopened, our products have a long shelf life.

2. Make an assessment of all your skincare products:

Check if the products you have still suit your skin and how likely you are to use it again. Also pay attention to your cosmetics ingredients and see what’s actually in them. Active ingredients and antioxidants? Yes please! Parabens and some other nasties? Absolutely not!

3. Swap winter for spring skincare:

You might find the products you’re currently using aren’t working for you, or you want to start afresh. If your winter cream is thick and highly protective, you may want to switch it out for a lightweight, water-based formula. And don’t forget the SPF!

4. Use smartly

Too many active products can lead to a compromised skin barrier, so giving your skin a chance to adjust to the new routine is important. The effects from new skincare can be seen between 4 and 12 weeks depending on the product.

We recommend for a spring refresh:

Fruit Enzyme Mask - A powerful combination of proteolytic fruit enzymes and botanical extracts gently erase dull, dead skin cells, minimising fine lines and removing other impurities. These enzymes are the unsung heroes of exfoliation, working to degrade the protein bonds of intercellular cohesion, instantly unveiling renewed, softer, and brighter skin, without stressing the surface.

Vitamin B Serum - Start your day with a dose of hydration, skin support, and antioxidant protection with this multi-action powerhouse. This potent serum helps to address these priorities by delivering a high concentration of vitamin B directly to the skin.

Ultra Protection Sunscreen SPF50+ - Mineral-based broad-spectrum SPF50+ sunscreen that leaves your skin with a sheer, sun-kissed radiance to shield the skin against damaging UVA & UVB light rays.

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