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Is Your Skincare as Ethical, Sustainable and Revolutionary as Aesthetics Rx®?

From the moment Cleopatra immersed herself in a soothing milk bath to the famous Red Door salons of Elizabeth Arden in the early 20th century, revolutionising the beauty industry with concepts of holistic skincare treatments combined with wellness practices, the skin care industry continues to evolve in many wonderful ways.

Fast forward to the 1960s, and the groundbreaking research and discovery of vitamin A's role in skin health by dermatologist Dr Albert Kligman changed forever how we treat various skin conditions. An era that marked the beginning of scientifically backed skincare, paving the way for integrating advanced scientific research into beauty and wellness.

Stepping into the 2020s, Aesthetics Rx® is now at the forefront of leveraging biotechnology in manufacturing processes. This approach creates potent ingredients sustainably while minimising our environmental impact. It reflects a significant leap towards greener, more sustainable practices and aligns with our desire to embrace values of environmental responsibility and ethical consumption.

This journey from ancient remedies to personalised skincare and cutting-edge technologies highlights the long history of skincare, forging a path of remarkable innovation and progress.

At Aesthetics Rx®, innovation sits at the heart of everything we do, from new and exciting skincare ingredients to the sophisticated processes behind their formulation. We have produced many skincare products that are vegan, reflecting our commitment to not only utilise advanced biotechnology but also to ensure that our formulations are free from animal-derived components.

We are continuously guided by excellence, safety and efficacy, the ethical sourcing of raw materials, and the integration of biotechnology to harness the power of natural ingredients to create innovative skincare solutions that are highly effective, ethically aware, and environmentally sustainable.

Our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in skincare is reflected in our keen awareness of the industry's evolution and our desire to shape its future.

This leads us to examine the potential for ingredients, both the ones we choose and those we don't, always guided by our four fundamental principles. Innovation, ethical sustainability, safety and efficacy.

Going to the Edge of Innovation: Exosomes in Skincare.

As skincare advancements emerge, the role of exosomes within the body has sparked interest. Exosomes are nano-sized cellular bubbles, integral to normal cell communication and necessary for the body's natural repair mechanisms, and are being increasingly explored for their potential in skincare.

Recognising the role of exosomes as cellular messengers has led to the emergence of skincare formulations designed to mimic their cell-communicating and regenerative properties.

However, as with any new technology, discussions around the ingredients sourced to mimic exosomes—ranging from those extracted from salmon testes and even human cells highlight the need for debate on ethical sourcing and the quest for alternatives that align with the growing demand for cruelty-free and vegan options.


The Landscape of Skincare Treatments in the Modern Era.

As consumers, you can join the discussion with the choices you make, and as skincare evolves, so too has your awareness of the ingredients in skin care products and a desire for greater transparency regarding the origins and impacts of skincare ingredients.

This heightened consumer awareness has been the catalyst for a move towards more ethical and sustainable practices within the beauty industry.

More than ever before in the history of skincare, you're more likely to reach for cruelty-free products crafted from plant-based ingredients presented in eco-friendly packaging.

These changes reflect a broader desire for skincare treatments that enhance our skin and, while doing so, keep our ethical responsibility to the environment in mind.

As the industry looks to new ingredients and technologies, it's clear that a delicate balance between improving skincare efficacy and maintaining ethical and environmental integrity welcomes a new era of conscientious skincare.

This evolution aligns perfectly with the Aesthetics Rx® vision. Our dedication to innovation, safety, efficacy, and ethically sustainable practices isn't just a response to meet your expectations. It is also our steadfast commitment to you, ensuring that your choice of a skincare brand meets your needs and values, especially when it comes to addressing sensitive skin, avoiding harmful chemicals, and eliminating impurities for a clearer, healthier complexion.

Swimming upstream: The Exosome Debate.

Returning to the evolution of exosomes in skincare presents us with a complex moral dilemma as we prioritise transparency and ethical integrity in our skincare formulations. While they offer promising benefits for skin rejuvenation, questions arise about the ethical source of skincare ingredients.

In an era where the origins of ingredients are as significant as their outcomes, the skincare industry faces a crucial challenge: to innovate responsibly.

For Aesthetics Rx®, our response to this challenge involves introducing skincare ingredients and treatments that not only offer skin rejuvenation and repair but do so through the use of plant extracts and biotechnology. This approach aligns with the rising demand for organic skincare without nasty chemicals or preservatives.

These natural ingredients are known for promoting beneficial effects on skin health and activating regeneration and repair at the cellular level, akin to the effects attributed to exosomes. This approach provides you with a highly effective alternative that is a more ethically considered solution to address your skincare priorities, including the needs of those with dry skin.

Plant extracts can influence cellular processes, support skin barrier function, and provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits making them a perfect addition in your skincare routine.

Our treatment range focuses on ethical sourcing and transparent practices, and our MesoInfus™ clinical treatment offers a solution that meets your skincare needs but does so with our unwavering commitment to sustainability and ethical responsibility ensuring no harmful effects on the environment or animals.

Aesthetics Rx®'s development of MesoInfus™ reflects our dedication to integrating advanced biotechnology within the framework of vegan skincare, which ensures MesoInfus™ sets industry standards for safety, efficacy, and ethical integrity and provides you with confidence and peace of mind in our products and treatment range.

When Scientific Excellence Meets Deliverability.

For a topical skincare solution to truly make a difference, it must directly address specific skin conditions such as accelerated ageing, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, and acne.

One of the primary challenges beyond innovative, sustainable skincare formulations to enhance skin health is to safely and effectively reach the dermal, or middle, layer of the skin—where nutrients support vital cellular functions.

Introducing Aesthetics Rx® MesoInfus™

MesoInfus™ offers four specialised treatments, each designed to address specific skin priorities using a blend of high-performance ingredients delivered through our innovative MediPen Micro needling delivery system for deep dermal absorption:

  • MesoInfus™ Brighten: Infused with Kojic Acid, Bearberry extracts, Vitamin C, and Tranexamic Acid, this solution brightens the complexion, corrects uneven skin tone, and addresses hyperpigmentation resulting from sun damage, delivering a radiant and even-toned appearance.

  • MesoInfus™ Repair: A reparative blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins B & C, and Zinc that deeply hydrates, soothes irritation and reduces the appearance of fine lines by restoring the skin's barrier function for enhanced moisture retention and skin health.

  • MesoInfus™ Rejuvenate: Formulated with Vitamin A, Copper Peptide, Gotu Cola, Sigesbeckia Orientalis, and Shiitake Mushroom extract, this powerful treatment minimises signs of ageing, promotes collagen production, and reduces inflammation for a rejuvenated and youthful complexion.

  • MesoInfus™ Clear: This formula combines Niacinamide, Kojic Acid, Pyruvic Acid, and Tranexamic Acid to balance oil production, unclog pores, and reduce acne breakouts. It offers antimicrobial action and targets inflammation, effectively diminishing blemishes and congestion for clearer skin.

MesoInfus™ treatments are delivered with care and precision to the basal layer of the epidermis layer for optimal efficacy. Each 30-minute session provides immediate and progressive results with minimal downtime, tailored by our skincare specialists to meet your unique needs and skincare priorities.

MesoInfus™ by Aesthetics Rx® stands at the forefront of ethical and innovative skincare, harnessing the power of ethically sourced plant extracts and cutting-edge biotechnology.

The future of ethically sourced skincare.

As you navigate the world of modern skincare, you'll find Aesthetics Rx® emerges as a pioneering solution embracing the innovation behind cellular regeneration with a steadfast commitment to cruelty-free and ethically sustainable practices.

You can transform your skin in as little as 30 Minutes. Ready to experience the difference with a MesoInfus™ treatment? Contact us for a personalised consultation, or click the 'Find a Clinic' button below to start your journey towards enhanced skin health and vitality.


What is ethical skincare?
Ethical skincare involves brands prioritising natural skincare formulations and ethical practices. Ethical skincare brands are committed to reducing packaging and implementing responsible production methods to minimise negative impacts on the planet. Plant based skincare is a key part of ethical beauty, making sure that the products are good for you while also being kind to the environment.

What is natural skincare?
Natural skincare refers to products formulated primarily with ingredients derived from nature, avoiding harmful synthetics, including synthetic fragrances. This approach aligns with sustainable and eco-friendly skincare practices, emphasising the health of both skin and environment. Clean skincare, a related concept, specifically excludes toxic substances, offering a safer alternative. Despite the abundance of skincare products, those labelled as natural prioritise safety and sustainability in their ingredients.

How and why should you simplify your beauty routine?
Aesthetics Rx® is an Australian skincare company, ethical and sustainable skincare brand, and is completely committed to ethically making natural, undiluted vegan skincare products that are constantly tested. We advocate for simplifying beauty routines with fundamental, multi-purpose products like cleansers, moisturisers, and SPF, promoting natural beauty and ethical skincare practices while supporting environmental sustainability, reducing waste and promoting the use of responsibly-sourced ingredients.

How are Aesthetics Rx® products ethically sourced?
We focus on ethically sourcing raw materials from suppliers with sustainable and cruelty-free practices. This includes prioritising plant-based ingredients, no animal testing, and ensuring that our entire supply chain meets our high ethical standards.

Can I use Aesthetics Rx® products for acne and other skin conditions?
Yes, Aesthetics Rx® has created products to target concerns such as acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, and ageing skin. We recommend consulting with a skincare professional to tailor a treatment plan to your specific condition.

Does Aesthetics Rx® use sustainable packaging for skincare?
We are in the midst of a very exciting project where our packaging will be reduced and become almost fully recyclable. Our brand prioritises eco-friendly practices, including the use of recyclable, biodegradable materials, and minimising packaging to lessen our environmental footprint. We are committed to leveraging biotechnology and ethical sourcing to ensure our packaging choices reflect our dedication to sustainability throughout our product range.

How is Aesthetics Rx® advancing the field of skincare?
Aesthetics Rx® are advancing the field of skincare by merging biotechnological research with our ethical practices to create effective, sustainable products. We focus on innovation, ethical sourcing, and eco-friendly packaging, offering treatments for optimal skin health.

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