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Radiance & Holiday Glow: Perfect Your Summer Skin Care with Aesthetics Rx

Summer is here, and it's time to pay extra attention to our skin. The warmer months can be harsh, causing sun damage, premature ageing, and even an increased risk of skin cancer. But with love, care, and the right skincare routines, we can protect our skin and maintain a radiant summer glow. 

Aesthetics Rx offers helpful routines tailored for summer skin, perfect for those seeking that holiday skin look. Embrace the sunshine confidently and keep your skin healthy with Aesthetics Rx.

Perfect Summer Skincare Routine

Summer is the perfect time to show off radiant, glowing skin. With the right skincare routine and products from Aesthetics Rx, you can achieve that enviable summer-holiday glow. 

Here's how to use Aesthetics Rx products to their full potential this season:

Gentle Cleansing for Fresh Skin

The first step to maintaining a healthy summer glow is ensuring your skin is thoroughly cleansed. The Revitalising Foaming Cleanser from Aesthetics Rx is an excellent choice for this. It can be used twice a day to remove makeup and accumulated dirt from your daily activities, even on the most sensitive skin. This product provides a gentle cleanse that not only removes impurities but also soothes and hydrates dehydrated skin.

For a boost of nourishment, consider the AHA Cream Cleanser. This product is enriched with botanical extracts that help boost hyaluronic acid levels in your skin, promoting hydration and elasticity.

If you want to target pollution and improve your complexion, the Anti-Pollution Facial Cleansing Oil is a perfect choice. It effectively balances sebum, has anti-inflammatory properties, protects skin DNA against oxidative stress, and repairs and restores a healthy skin barrier. This cleansing oil leaves your skin feeling fresh and revitalised, providing a soothing effect. It is the perfect solution for removing makeup at the end of the day, dissolving all traces instantly. 

Revitalise with Hydration

With the heat of summer and increased sun exposure, it's essential to keep your skin's moisture levels high and maintain its protective barrier. The Daily Moisturiser Combination from Aesthetics Rx is a lightweight moisturiser that leaves your skin feeling smooth and nourished, while its antioxidant properties (thanks to Vitamin E) protect your skin from free radical damage.

The Daily Moisturiser Hydrating is another fantastic product for combating the effects of the summer heat and its accompanying dryness. It prevents premature ageing, aids in skin barrier repair, and controls excess oil. Packed with strong antioxidants, it's suitable for dry skin types or those with dehydrated skin, providing an intense hydration boost.


Last but certainly not least, sunscreen application is crucial in summer skincare. An SPF of 30 or higher is the best defence against harmful UVB and UVA rays. The Tinted Water-Resistant Sunscreen with Zinc SPF50+  acts as a perfect high-protection sunscreen with a universal tint, giving your skin a ‘less make-up, more skin look and feel’.

For those with sensitive skin, the Ultra-Protection Sunscreen SPF50+ is ideal. Its formula does not contain chemical filters, making it soothing and anti-inflammatory to reactive skin.

All Aesthetics Rx products are toxin-free and vegan, making them suitable for any skin type. By following this skincare routine, you can ensure your skin stays healthy and glowing throughout the holiday.

Why Summer Skincare Is Important?

Taking care of your skin during the summer is super important for a number  of reasons. A change in routine, exposure to different elements, and indulgence in holiday treats can all impact your skin. Here's why:

Sunburn and Skin Darkening

The summer sun can be intense, leading to sunburn and skin darkening or hyperpigmentation. To avoid this, protecting your skin in the sun with SPF is crucial. Using sun cream when exposed to sunlight can prevent peeling and discolouration that follow a sunburn.

Acne and Breakouts

The heat and sweat of summer can clog pores, leading to acne and breakouts. This can be especially problematic for those with sensitive skin. A good summer skincare routine that includes regular cleansing can help combat this.

Dry Skin

It goes without saying that summer can dry out your skin. This can leave your skin feeling dull and lifeless. Hydrating products like our Hydrate & Replenish Duo help restore fresh, supple and fully hydrated skin from the inside-out. 

Enjoying the summer sun shouldn't mean damaging your skin. With the right products like Aesthetics Rx's Ultimate Serum and B Serum, you can combat the effects of smog, pollution, and dull skin, leaving your skin feeling fresh. 

Don't let the sun's rays give you a sweaty face, sunburn, or worse, skin cancer. Instead, let summer be the season where your skin looks its best.

So remember, one of the best things you can do for your skin this summer is to protect it from damage with sunscreen and make-up, giving you healthier, wonderful-looking summer skin.

Get Your Best Summer Glow with Aesthetics Rx

Aesthetics Rx offers a summer skin glow routine that caters to any skin type. This natural skincare routine, packed with relevant ingredients and vitamins, aims to protect and strengthen your skin, leaving it at its healthiest and most radiant throughout the summer season. By adhering to this routine, you're setting yourself up for the most glowing skin this summer, ready to shine bright under the sun. 

Protect your skin this summer with Aesthetics Rx skincare products. Shop now for a radiant, healthy glow all season long!


How do I prepare my skin for a sun holiday?

Preparing your skin for the holiday involves a consistent skincare routine. Start by cleansing, toning, and moisturising your skin daily. Exfoliate once a week to remove dead skin cells. Ensure you're staying hydrated, eating a balanced diet, and getting adequate sleep. Always apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen when outdoors.

What effects does summer have on the skin?

Summer can have different effects on your skin. Sun exposure may cause redness, itching, or peeling and increase the risk of photo-ageing or skin cancer. The heat can make you sweat more and produce more oil, which could lead to acne or congested skin. High temperatures can also trigger heat rashes and potentially worsen eczema. Additionally, the sun's intensity can make oily skin even oilier and leave dry skin feeling rough and patchy.

Why is my skin flaking after a holiday?

Skin flaking after a holiday is often due to exposure to the sun, wind, or dry air, which can dehydrate the skin and cause it to peel. Additionally, changes in diet, stress, or lack of proper skincare routine during your holiday could also contribute to this issue.

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