Aesthetics Rx Skincare is an Australian cosmeceutical range of advanced formulations using skin correcting anti-ageing ingredients based on plant cell culture and biotechnology. To do this effectively, we combine naturally derived biotech ingredients with natural plant extracts and choose natural botanicals when suitable.

Ingredients from biotechnology are derived from plant cells and created sustainably in a scientific lab. Thus, the quality and efficacy of our ingredients are of the highest possible standard, with the least impact on nature and the environment. We also choose bio-identical ingredients with the highest natural affinity with the skins own components.


Our complex blends of high-dose actives are vegan, cruelty & paraben-free. We’re proud to be officially accredited with Choose Cruelty-Free Australia, our products and individual ingredients have never been, and will never be, tested on animals. Instead, we test our complex formulations on consenting humans, whilst our ingredients are tested on skin cell and tissue cultures (in-vitro testing).

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Our biomimetic ingredients include peptides that mimic the structure and processes of various skin functions for maximum delivery and efficacy in supporting vibrant skin health. We seek out additional biomimetic ingredients from plants that have an incredible ability to survive in extreme conditions and apply these to our formulations to provide exceptional protective properties, particularly against oxidative stress and pollution.

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