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Microbiome skincare – the key to balanced, healthy skin

Discover what the skin’s microbiome is all about and its effects on our complexions and overall well-being.

What is the skins microbiome?

The skins microbiome is composed by an ecosystem of beneficial microorganisms, including harmless bacteria, fungi, viruses, and mites. Interacting with one another, their symbiosis reinforces the skins vital barrier and defence system against invasion of more problematic pathogens, influencing and educating the immune mechanisms of the body to respond appropriately.

Where is the skins microbiome located?

The microbiome, formed by beneficial microorganisms is located on the skins surface, all over the body and deep within the hair follicles and pores. The type and quantity of microorganisms is influenced by area of the body; environmental factors including temperature and exposure to UV light; gender, age, lifestyle, clothing type and antibiotic use.

Why are we interested in balancing and supporting the skins microbiome?

The skin is the largest organ of the entire body, and it has an especially important protective function, including influence on our overall immune system. A healthy, well balanced, and high functioning skin microbiome is important to the way skin’s barrier protects the body. The integrity of this barrier is influenced by the health of the microbiome on its surface. When the barrier is impaired, the skin can become irritated, red, flaky, sensitive, uncomfortable, dehydrated, and reactive and is especially susceptible to accelerated skin ageing. By strengthening the skins barrier, including maintaining and improving a healthy, balanced microbiome, we can protect against these unwanted skin problems and ensure our immune system is primed to protect against invasion of potentially harmful substances.

How can skincare balance the skins microbiome?

We do not use probiotic ingredients (living microorganisms), to promote a healthy microbiome, rather, we use prebiotic ingredients that lay the foundation for the good microorganisms to grow. The application of prebiotics in skincare, like Inulin and Fructose (as we have used in this product) can help the microbiome proliferate, since these are the natural ‘fertilisers’ that stimulate the growth of healthy microorganisms. These natural plant fibres function as food for the skin’s microbiome. By promoting an optimal environment for the good microorganisms to flourish, disease and problem causing microorganisms are prevented from growing. 

Aesthetics Rx Microbiome Balancing Mist is an advanced, nutrient rich treatment formula designed to be used anytime day or night to instantly calm, hydrate and combat skin irritation. Regular use in your regime helps to reduce excess oil flow and strengthen the barrier function for improved skin comfort and protection. Developed to maintain health of the skin’s microbiome, preventing the overgrowth of unwanted microorganisms

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