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A Winter’s Tale: Your Essential Winter Skin Guide

And, just like that, skin radiance takes flight, leaving us grappling with the onset of winter skin. Seemingly overnight, our once smooth, hydrated, and calm skin becomes sensitive, parched, and uncomfortably dry. You're not imagining it; these abrupt changes are real and reflect the harsh realities of a change in the weather, leaving you with a skincare dilemma.

It’s a story you may know well. Every winter, the chill takes its toll on your skin. While the internet offers a myriad of quick fixes promising to soothe your winter woes, these solutions often act as mere band-aids rather than long-term solutions.

At Aesthetics Rx®, we view your skin as a remarkable organ that tirelessly protects you. With this perspective, we adopt a holistic approach to keep your skin robust no matter what the weather throws your way.

Understanding and Supporting the Lipid Barrier

The first step in our journey is examining the skin's protective barrier function. The outermost layer, the lipid barrier, is crucial in maintaining skin health. It all begins when your skin cells, destined to protect you, migrate to the surface, changing their shape and structure along the way.

As these skin cells move through the epidermis layers, they begin to generate essential lipids like ceramides and cholesterol. These lipids create a protective lock, sealing in moisture and shielding against harmful substances such as bacteria and toxins.

Eventually, they flatten to become what we often call 'dead' skin cells. Though we call them 'dead,' these cells are anything but; having lost their nucleus, they continue to play a vital role in skin protection by forming the crucial barrier that guards your skin against external threats.

Once a healthy lipid barrier is formed, your skin stays hydrated and resilient, able to withstand environmental stresses. However, the winter season brings many challenges. Indoors, as you cosy up to a warm fire, the heated air saps moisture from your skin. Outdoors, the drop in humidity during colder weather compounds the problem, making it challenging to maintain soft, hydrated, and radiant skin.

Nurturing the lipid barrier through gentle cleansing and nutritional support is essential to combat these effects. Our AHA Cream Cleanser is designed to boost hyaluronic acid levels and fortify your skin's defence, ensuring it remains healthy and hydrated while effortlessly dissolving makeup, impurities, and grime.

We think you’ll love our AHA Cream Cleanser as it balances and strengthens the skin's lipid barrier for perfect skin harmony throughout winter.

Boosting your Microbiome for Skin Health

But it's not just the lipid barrier that shows signs of cracking up (literally); the skin's living microbiome can also take a hit during the colder months.

Just as the lipid barrier struggles to retain moisture and integrity, harsh environmental conditions can disrupt the delicate balance of the skin's microbiome.

Your microbiome supports a community of beneficial bacteria vital for skin health and faces challenges that can affect its ability to protect against pathogens and maintain overall skin resilience. Your microbiome plays a crucial role in managing the skin's pH level, vital for keeping the skin barrier intact and functional.

A well-balanced microbiome and robust lipid barrier are your best allies for resilient skin throughout the frosty winter months. We can nurture your skin's microbiome with our Microbiome Mist, which contains a clinically proven(1) prebiotic based on inulin derived from Chicory. This ingredient selectively nourishes the skin's microbiota, restoring balance and enhancing recovery after exposure to harsh elements. It protects the unique bacteria on the skin, allowing for improved barrier protec­tion and enhanced moisturisation.

This advanced, nutrient-rich formula can be used anytime, day or night, and visibly calms, hydrates, and relieves the feeling and appearance of skin irritation.

With regular use, our Microbiome Mist becomes an integral part of any skincare regimen, helping to manage support and enhance the skin's barrier function for improved comfort and protection.

Enhancing Skin Health with Essential Fatty Acids

Integrating essential fatty acids (EFAs) into your skincare regimen is critical to ensuring a robust skin barrier is maintained, particularly during harsh winter conditions.

EFAs like omega-3 play a crucial role in maintaining healthy-looking skin, particularly in supporting the skin's barrier function and reducing inflammation. A diet rich in EFAs, alongside topical skin care products, will replenish the skin and dramatically improve hydration, resilience, and overall skin vitality.

Our Pre-juvenation DNA Oil is a facial oil, expertly formulated to visibly restore moisture and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin. It's rich in essential fatty acids, making it your skin's ally against the harsh winter months.

When applied, Pre-juvenating DNA Oil cleverly delivers a fine layer of protection on the surface of the skin, supporting the lipid barrier, enhancing the feeling of moisturised skin, and allowing it to withstand environmental stress.

These vital nutrients support the skin's barrier and reduce the appearance of inflammation, safeguarding against the feeling of moisture loss and sensitivity from cold, drying conditions.

Instant Relief from Winter-Stressed Skin

So far, we've provided solutions to keep your skin in excellent condition; however, sometimes, we just need the skin to feel calm and soothed. After fortifying the skin's lipid barrier and microbiome, we can address the discomfort caused by winter's harsh conditions with specially formulated products that provide the feeling of instant relief but go one step further, continuously enhancing the appearance of your skin's natural radiance.

You’ll find our H2O Balm is a soft, conditioning balm that helps protect, soothe, and regenerate the appearance of the skin. It keeps your skin free from feelings of discomfort. It's rich in skin-loving ingredients that moisturise as they visibly calm and soothe while encouraging repair and restoration.

Our Instant Rescue Face Mask is ideal for stressed winter skin. It visibly soothes and comforts while providing a feeling of resilience with ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide (vitamin B3), Ceramides, and other microbiome-supporting extracts.

With our Instant Rescue Face Mask, you can look forward to visibly replenishing your skin's appearance and banishing the feeling of dry, sensitive skin conditions by soothing seasonal irritation while supporting the skin's microbiome for radiant, resilient skin.

Skin Radiance and Resilience for Every Season

We want you to have robust, resilient, and healthy-looking skin that glows all year round. Incorporating these products into your routine ensures that your skin remains in optimal condition, resilient, and radiant no matter the season.

With a few minor adjustments, you can look forward to skin radiance as it's shielded against the challenges of winter skin conditions while incorporating skin-loving ingredients into your daily routine to keep the skin perpetually healthy, hydrated and vibrant.

Explore our complete range of skincare solutions and see how Aesthetics Rx® can transform your skin from winter dry to radiant glow this season and beyond.


(1). Comparative tests were done where the skin microbiota was disrupted by ethanol with and without the prebiotic used. One hand was treated with 40% ethanol, the other with 40% ethanol and 1% of the material. At t=0, 5m and 4h, DNA swabs were taken, and the full microbiota composition was analysed using DNA sequencing. The percentage of the microbiota that was ‘out of balance’ was calculated and compared to that at t=0. Out of balance is defined as species that have increased or decreased by at least 30%. The Microbiome Mist contains 1% of the prebiotic material.

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